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        Introducing PBS LearningMedia Custom Service: Now Available To Schools Nationwide

        THE destination for trusted PreK-12 digital content, tools and analytics that drives engagement
        Nearly one-third of all teachers in the U.S. have access to PBS LearningMedia Basic, a service that brings PreK-12 educators face-to-face with over 30,000 trusted digital resources designed to capture students’ imaginations and transform learning.
        Deepen and measure your engagement with PBS LearningMedia Custom
        PBS LearningMedia Custom is now available with new content, tools and enhanced analytics that improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement at your school. Features include:

        • More content! Access over 800 hours of additional content such as the Ken Burns CIVIL WAR, NOVA, FRONTLINE and an array of PBS KIDS programs that bring lessons to life for your students.
        • User management tools. Quickly and easily add and manage users within your school.
        • Content management tools. Upload and contextualize content that meets the needs of your local instruction with seamless integration into search.
        • Analytics reporting. Measure your school’s engagement with content with analytics tools.
        • State standards alignment. Access trusted resources that align with your state’s standards.

        Bring the magic of PBS LearningMedia Custom in your school today!
        For more information about PBS LearningMedia Custom Service, email or call 1-800-572-6386. Visit to get access to digital media today.

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