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1424 results for “veteran's day”
  1. Veterans' Stories: The Veterans History Project
    Media Gallery


    Veterans' Stories: The Veterans History Project

    Discover personal stories of American war veterans and civilian workers who supported them, as recorded in interviews, diaries, letters, photographs ...

    Grades: 8-12
    Provided by: Library of Congress
  2. VE Day
    Media Gallery


    VE Day

    In this KACV educational unit on WWII, students will learn about Victory in Europe day through videos, activities, and an audio project.

    Grades: 11
    Provided by: KACV
  3. VE Day: Marvin Kearns


    VE Day: Marvin Kearns

    Marvin Kearns, World War II veteran, discusses how he celebrated the end of the war. Kearns describes the parades and celebrations that occurred in London ...

    Grades: 4-12
    Provided by: KACV
  4. D-Day and the Texas Panhandle
    Media Gallery


    D-Day and the Texas Panhandle

    This WWII unit includes two videos of a veteran speaking about his war experiences, questions to go with the videos, a lesson plan and an ...

    Grades: 11
    Provided by: KACV
  5. The Assault on Normandy | D-Day 360


    The Assault on Normandy | D-Day 360

    Learn about the experiences of men on the battlefield of D-Day from veteran Sergeant Harley Reynolds, and about the importance ...

    Grades: 9-12
  6. Veterans of PTSD | NOW

    Veterans of PTSD | NOW

    War veterans and post-traumatic stress. Are they getting the help they need?

    Grades: 6-12
  7. Vietnam Veteran Memorial


    Vietnam Veteran Memorial

    In this Building Block video, the camera tilts down to show a black granite panel engraved with the names of fallen soldiers.

    Grades: All
    Provided by: WGBH
  8. The Veteran of Aboukir, 1844

    The Veteran of Aboukir, 1844

    Ward, Edward Matthew (1816-79) Medium: oil on canvas. Date: 1844.

    Grades: 3-12
    Provided by: The Bridgeman Art Library
  9. Kortney Clemons: A Veteran's Journey

    Kortney Clemons: A Veteran's Journey

    Paralympic sprinter, long jump competitor and U.S. Army veteran Kortney Clemons lost his right leg in Iraq. Paralympic sports ...

    Grades: 6-12
    Provided by: WGBH
  10. American Graduate Day

    American Graduate Day

    Use this collection of resources to identify ways to take action and help increase the graduation rate in your school and community.

  11. D-Day 360


    D-Day 360

    Personal stories, statistical data, and details surrounding the massive logistical effort bring to life the invasion of the beaches at Normandy, France by the Allied ...

    Grades: 9-12
  12. Lesson Plan: Flipped Day 2013

    Lesson Plan: Flipped Day 2013

     In this video, discover how PBS LearningMedia can help you “flip” your classroom using one lesson entitled “Design and Build a Tangle-Free Headphone Holder.”

    Grades: 5-13+
  13. Flipped Day 2013: Literacy

    Flipped Day 2013: Literacy

    Here's a flip-able middle school literacy lesson. Meet Moises, a fictional young immigrant who struggles with English, and explore internal and external character conflict ...

  14. Camp PBS LearningMedia!

    Camp PBS LearningMedia!

    Whether you’re running a sleepaway camp, working as a counselor at a day camp, or teaching at a summer program at your school, we ...

  15. Nature Works Everywhere

    Nature Works Everywhere

    Explore the amazing ways in which nature works to make our lives cleaner and healthier every day.

    Provided by: The Nature Conservancy