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  1. Knocking


    This collection includes resources that will engage students in discussions about civil rights, First Amendment freedoms, the role of religion in medical practices and ethics ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  2. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

    Explore video excerpts and lesson-plans for preschool social and emotional development, courtesy of the Fred Rogers' Company and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

  3. Thomas & Friends

    Thomas & Friends

    These Thomas & Friends video segments and learning activities are designed to foster social and emotional growth in Pre-K students. After showing a video to students ...

  4. Art School

    Art School

    Art School is a video series that introduces contemporary artists who discuss their careers and intentions, then demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts.

    Provided by: KQED
  5. NOVA: Making Stuff

    NOVA: Making Stuff

    Explore the cutting-edge science that is powering a new wave of technological innovation.

    Provided by: NOVA
  6. Kids in Motion

    Kids in Motion

    This set of Kindergarten through 5th grade media-rich lessons engages students with movement in the classroom videos based upon a wide variety of curriculum including ...

    Provided by: Kids in Motion
  7. Test Page

    Test Page

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  8. First Ladies of the United States

    First Ladies of the United States

    Discover the different roles that First Ladies have played throughout history, as policy advocates, diplomats, and public figures.

  9. United States Presidents

    United States Presidents

    This collection is comprised of images from the Library of Congress, the Bridgeman Art Library, and the White House of each president of the United ...

  10. PBS Math Club

    PBS Math Club

    PBS Math Club helps you with your homework... and makes you laugh. They cover the 6th-9th grade Common Core Standard for math.

  11. The Human Spark

    The Human Spark

    Explore the nature of human uniqueness through this collection of lesson plans and video resources based on the acclaimed PBS series.

  12. The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court

    Examine the role of The Supreme Court in history, as well as in our daily lives.

  13. Sid the Science Kid

    Sid the Science Kid

    Sid the Science Kid is designed to further develop children's natural wonder and build a strong foundation for early science exploration.

  14. Oh Noah!

    Oh Noah!

    Oh Noah! introduces kids to collections of vocabulary words that are accessible and of interest to this age group. They include: animals, clothing, food, furniture ...

  15. PRI's The World

    PRI's The World

    Listen to science-related audio podcasts from PRI's The World.

  16. Looking for Lincoln

    Looking for Lincoln

    Learn about Abraham Lincoln's legacy through this collection of media-rich lesson plans and video resources.

  17. Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders

    Learn about a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South.