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  1. Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders

    Learn about a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South.



    Find resources from American public television’s flagship public affairs series.

  3. Loop Scoops

    Loop Scoops

    Learn about the everyday stuff in our lives and the impact it can have on the environment.

  4. Antiques Roadshow

    Antiques Roadshow

    Discover an amazing assortment of historical artifacts in these appraisal videos.

  5. Spark


    Spark is a video series about visual and performing artists that includes educator materials. Go behind the scenes of performances and visit artists' studios to ...

    Provided by: SPARK
  6. Jonathan Bird's Blue World

    Jonathan Bird's Blue World

    Jonathan Bird’s Blue World: Educational Underwater Adventure brings Emmy award-winning video to classrooms to teach science with a spirit of adventure and exploration in ...

    Provided by: Oceanic Research Group
  7. SciGirls


    SciGirls educational materials provide gender-equitable teaching strategies and hands-on inquiries based on the concepts modeled in SciGirls’ videos.

  8. Adaptive Technologies

    Adaptive Technologies

    These media resources from MEDAL QUEST and DESIGN SQUAD help students explore how science, technology, engineering, and math support athletes with physical disabilities.



    The award-winning PBS drama series, MASTERPIECE, provides exciting and innovative ways to understand and appreciate literature.

  10. Science Friday

    Science Friday

    Find science lesson plans based on Science Friday videos

  11. Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    Fizzy's Lunch Lab

    Fizzy and his crew are on a mission to halt the children's obesity epidemic through a fun mix of nutrition info, healthy eating tips ...

  12. DragonflyTV


    DragonflyTV's educational philosophy is echoed in its mission: To give children and scientists a national forum where they can share the excitement of scientific ...

  13. UNC-TV Science

    UNC-TV Science

    North Carolina Science Now is a collection of content focused on bringing the practice and application of science to the classroom.

  14. Latino Americans

    Latino Americans

    Spanning centuries, this collection of lessons, videos and classroom resources explores the themes and characters of the six-part PBS series, Latino Americans, touching on history ...

  15. Pushing the Elephant

    Pushing the Elephant

    The collection supports viewing of the film, Pushing the Elephant. It engages students in discussions about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, refugees ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  16. The Electric Company

    The Electric Company

    The Electric Company aims to entertain children between the ages of 6 and 9 while simultaneously teaching four crucial areas of literacy that are challenging ...

  17. Garbage Dreams

    Garbage Dreams

    Overview of the lesson plans and educational resources that accompany the Garbage Dreams game and film.

    Provided by: Independent Lens Contributor
  18. Antarctica's Climate Secrets

    Antarctica's Climate Secrets

    Explore engaging Science Education media for 6th-8th graders from NET’s NOVA: Secrets Beneath The Ice. Learn how Antarctica affects global climate through the University ...

  19. Sentenced Home

    Sentenced Home

    This collection supports viewing of Sentenced Home while engaging students in discussions about citizenship, crime and punishment, immigration history and reform, deportation and cultural assimilation.

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  20. Agnes Flood of '72

    Agnes Flood of '72

    Agnes: Flood of '72, is a WSKG original documentary that is designed for grades 7-12 and aligns with New York State and national learning standards ...

  21. Move It!

    Move It!

    Move It! is a health and wellness series that is broken into three components and focuses on keeping families active, nutritional education and self-awareness.