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  1. Spark: Home

    Spark: Home

    KQED's Spark "Home" is a collection of video clips about artists who infuse content about their home -- their culture or their family's culture ...

  2. edtalk


    edtalk is a web-based series that provides insight, wisdom, best practices, humor, and thought-provoking commentary designed for educators, those thinking about the profession and anyone ...

    Provided by: CPB: American Graduate
  3. Learn the Address

    Learn the Address

    To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, documentarian Ken Burns has launched a national effort to encourage everyone in America to video record ...

  4. Curious George STEM

    Curious George STEM

    Use this collection of activities and videos to help your students understand STEM concepts, explore the world around them, and enjoy the adventures of a ...

  5. U.S. Diplomacy

    U.S. Diplomacy

    Learn more about U.S diplomacy and foreign relations.

  6. Cyberchase


    Find ways to help your students get the most out of doing math—Cyberchase style!

    Provided by: Cyberchase
  7. From the Top at Carnegie Hall

    From the Top at Carnegie Hall

    Meet America's most extraordinary young musicians aged 8 to 18, and witness the excitement of their debut performances at Carnegie Hall!

  8. Shakespeare Uncovered

    Shakespeare Uncovered

    Thematically-based classroom resources drawn from the six-part PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered.

  9. The Graduates / Los Graduados

    The Graduates / Los Graduados

    This collection can be used to support viewing of the documentary, The Graduates/Los Graduados, by Bernardo Ruiz, while engaging students in discussions about the ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  10. Waste Land

    Waste Land

    This collection features content from the film, Waste Land. Lesson Plans engage students in discussions about the power of art to transform society, the connection ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  11. Camp PBS LearningMedia!

    Camp PBS LearningMedia!

    Whether you’re running a sleepaway camp, working as a counselor at a day camp, or teaching at a summer program at your school, we ...

  12. Women's Empowerment

    Women's Empowerment

    This collection includes activities and video modules that encourage students to examine key social and political issues impacting women around the world. Students will learn ...

    Provided by: Independent Lens
  13. Thomas & Friends

    Thomas & Friends

    These Thomas & Friends video segments and learning activities are designed to foster social and emotional growth in Pre-K students. After showing a video to students ...

  14. Art School

    Art School

    Art School is a video series that introduces contemporary artists who discuss their careers and intentions, then demonstrate hands-on techniques or concepts.

    Provided by: KQED
  15. NOVA: Making Stuff

    NOVA: Making Stuff

    Explore the cutting-edge science that is powering a new wave of technological innovation.

    Provided by: NOVA
  16. Kids in Motion

    Kids in Motion

    This set of Kindergarten through 5th grade media-rich lessons engages students with movement in the classroom videos based upon a wide variety of curriculum including ...

    Provided by: Kids in Motion
  17. Test Page

    Test Page

    Enter short description here

  18. First Ladies of the United States

    First Ladies of the United States

    Discover the different roles that First Ladies have played throughout history, as policy advocates, diplomats, and public figures.

  19. United States Presidents

    United States Presidents

    This collection is comprised of images from the Library of Congress, the Bridgeman Art Library, and the White House of each president of the United ...

  20. PBS Math Club

    PBS Math Club

    PBS Math Club helps you with your homework... and makes you laugh. They cover the 6th-9th grade Common Core Standard for math.