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This Week's Theme: Wordplay & Literacy

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Check out this interview with Ken Burns discussing his documentary, The Address airing on PBS.

DO NOW: Should Hydrogen Fuel Be the Future Energy Source for Transportation?

Do Now asks: Should government funds support the development of hydrogen fuel stations over other green transportation initiatives? Why or why not?

Video Tutorials for How to Use Digital Tools

Check out these new PBS LearningMedia video tutorials for quick media production demonstrations.  Videos include how to make animated gifs, memes and more.

How Are Students’ Roles Changing in the New Economy of Information?

Beyond increasing the amount of information that students can access, the new abundant economy of information has far greater implications. It represents both a shift in the way that future classrooms will operate as well as in the student behaviors that we will value and expect.

Parched Produce: California Agriculture in a State of Drought

These are bone dry times for California. Even with the recent rains, the state is still mired in one of its worst droughts in recorded history. And that spells trouble for the vast agriculture industry here. Cartoon journalist Andy Warner illustrates.

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